During prohibition, it was all about the speakeasy – the places existed, but you had to know someone who could tell you where to go. If you want to know where to go in any city of the world, the good places are always tucked away.

Shisha Bar & Grill is no different. The secretive murmurings of those who talk about it, are because they want to keep it to themselves. Occasionally, word gets out, and that’s how you’ll find it. Walking in, you’re immediately immersed into an atmosphere reminiscent of something straight out of the industrial back streets of New York.

Choices abound, and the first decision of the night starts with which of the wonderfully creative spaces to sit in. You can feel a mood shift as you move through the separate areas… open & cruisy, close & intimate, buzzing with activity or laidback. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed an escape from the realities of every day. There is a steady stream of locals who love to dine here for the simple, delicious food and the unassuming clientele. People watchers rejoice with the theatrics of staff and guests alike.

Offering dinner 6 nights a week, Shisha Bar & Grill is upbeat and funky, with prime cuts of steak available from the grill, and divine burgers just waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Fresh, seasonal produce sourced locally fills out the rest of the menu items.

Some of the favourites include the specially prepared Southern Fried Chicken Wings, with their crispy skin and herbs and spices that create a fantasy world of flavours with each bite. Slow cooked pork belly with chargrilled pineapple and kiss peppers is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury. Lamb & pine nut dumplings in creamy house made yoghurt is a must try.

On Saturday and Sunday morning, the vibe shifts gears into a provedore inspired hotspot for breakfast and lunch, offering up plenty of variety, including the popular breakfast boards and fresh juices. For the sweet tooth, french toast made with brioche and served with berries, or try the pan-fried poached eggs with shredded haloumi if you want a real breakfast treat!

It wasn’t always like this though. Originally a successful fine dining middle-eastern restaurant and local favourite, Shisha Bar & Grill underwent a transformation in 2013, with the new setup evoking adjectives like Rustic, Industrial, Casual, and Cool. Recycled materials form much of the décor, and the longer you spend here, the more you will discover. Recycled fence palings frame the bench seating, reused metal piping is used as part of the handmade lamps that hang over the tables. Herb gardens in wine barrels line the sidewalk, and fresh produce doubles as decoration along the sidewalk and throughout the restaurant.

Shisha Bar & Grill creates its own environment… instead of being a product of the environment that surrounds it. The results are stunning and will keep you coming back for more.